Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga (Laughter Therapy)

Laughter is one of the best natural medicine in the world, which has power to make healthy and strong body by get rid of stress,


Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga (Laughter Therapy)

Laughter is one of the best natural medicine in the world, which has power to make healthy and strong body by get rid of stress, anxiety and depression. It also acts as a binding media between peoples to get together and establish strong relation between them by increasing the happiness and intimacy.

Laughter has power to boost your energy level, heal cancerous cells, promotes healthy weight lose and strengthen your immune system.

Its integrated form is used in therapy called laughter therapy or humor therapy. In our India Laughter yoga becomes more popular now the days. In each and park you can see and listen the peoples who do laughter yoga regularly to get rid of all these below said problems.

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One of the best feature of this medicine is that, it is free or cost-less, easy to use or have a fun, so more laughing helps to stay you healthy and fit lifelong without any worries.

That’s why laughter is best for your physical and mental health. So check out the amazing health benefits of laughter as follows:

  1. During laughing the oxygen intakes capacity of our body increased, which helps to stimulate the heart, brain, muscles, other organs and lung functions. A rollicking laugh is beneficiary for beating stress, tension, fear and depression by increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. It also helps to improve the blood circulation in the body to relax the blood vessels, preventing heart attack, many other cardiovascular diseases and other heart ailments.
  2. During Laughing our body produced the natural painkillers chemical, which can ease pain naturally caused by muscle disorders. Laughter can strengthen the immune system and helps to increase the infection fighting antibodies in the body to increase the disease resistance.
  3. Laughter helps in the releasing of extra endorphin to decrease the stress hormones such as cortisol by brain, which is known as the best mood booster or feel good chemical, Thus it makes us happier.
  4. Laughter can also improve your social health to improve your relationship between your family, friends, workers and partners. Laughter provides strong felling even when you are in difficult situation. Laughter can lead more positive attitude and outlook for the better relationships for personally and professionally. It also helps to reduce the anger and gave more confidence to express your feelings to someone.
  5. During laughter 30 face muscles are engaged with it, thus the facial exercise helps to promotes healthy face skin, to get rid of wrinkles and tone your facial muscles to make you younger and smart. So it also helps to slow down the aging process for all age groups.

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So start laughing as much as you can. Laughing is the best mood trigger for all and cost nothing. So why takes medicines for all the above said health conditions, Start laughter yoga or therapies to live strong, healthy and long tension free life. Laughter can be changed your bored life in to full of joy, fun and happiness.

So change your lifestyle for more laughing by reading jokes, join communities, spend time with other persons, outing and travelling. If you know more health benefits of laughter, then please share your knowledge with us to serve others better.


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