Health Benefits of Passion Fruit

Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Passion or Granadillas is a sweet, tart and tropical fruit known for its unique, cool and refreshing taste having small egg like shape and guava, pineapple and lemons like in taste. It is a jelly filled pulp and lots of black seeds containing fruit. Its color may be yellow to purple. It is used as raw, juices, salads, cocktails, confections, ice creams, fruit tea and sauces. Its leaves and flowers are also used due to its vast amazing health benefits. Its seeds and pulp, both are edible. It consist of Vitamin A, C, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, sodium, folate, beta carotene, dietary insoluble fiber and phosphorus, all of these hosts a large number of health benefits. So checkout the amazing health benefits of passion fruit here:

  1. The passion fruit is the very good source of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber containing diet helps to remove the excess cholesterol from the body and also acts as a bulk laxative effect, which helps to protect the mucous membrane by reducing exposure time to toxic substance in the colon and also helps to bind the cancer causing chemicals in the colon. It also helps in the cleaning of intestines and colon.
  2. Passion fruit juice contains phytochemicals, which helps to inhabit the cancer cell growth and reduce the risk of developing the cancer.
  3. It contains phenolic acids and flavonoids, which are necessary for the proper functioning of heart to protect from strokes, attacks and clots. They also control the heart beat rate.
  4. It contains excellent amount of vitamin C known as a powerful water soluble antioxidant, which helps to prevent the body from infections like flu, cold, common cough, fever and increase the body’s resistance to fight with them. It also helps to protect from pro-inflammatory free radicals, premature aging and maintain the immune system strong. Its contents also helps our body to absorb the iron content present in the passion fruit.
  5. It contains vitamin A which is beneficial for maintain the good eyesight, promotes healthy mucus membranes, healthy glowing skin, growth and the production of cells, protects from lung or oral cavity cancers.
  6. The excellent amount of potassium in it helps to maintain the body fluids, keep blood pressure regular and essential to improve heart beat rate. As well as copper is required for the formation of red blood cells, magnesium required for the proper development of bone’s growth and relax the nervous system, folate required to promote healthy pregnancy and calcium required for the strong healthy bones and teeth.

That’s why I also eating Passion Fruit in my daily fruit intakes. It can be many other health benefits like to promotes weight loss, treat gastric ailments, prevention from asthma, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, beat depression, helps to cure insomnia, muscle tension, headaches, preventing constipation, treatment of nervousness and much more. If you know more health benefits of passion fruit, then please share your knowledge with us to serve others better.