Diabetes Diet Chart: Diabetic Diet Plan & Menu

Diabetes Diet Chart: Diabetic Diet Plan & Menu

First of all the question comes in my mind i.e. what is Diabetes? How many types of diabetes? and finally what is the best diet plan for diabetic patients? That’s why time to better understanding the diabetes, its types and diet chart as follows:

Diabetes is a condition in which there is increased blood glucose resulting from

  1. A deficiency or complete absence of insulin production and/or
  2. Insulin resistance body cell are unable to use the insulin properly.

Types of Diabetes:

  • Type-1 Diabetes – usually starts in childhood
  • Type-2 Diabetes – usually starts in adulthood

Diet Guidelines:

  • Maintaining Good Health
  • Prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications
  • Prevention and treatment of heart diseases
  • Correcting cholesterol abnormalities

Before Preparation of Diabetes Diet Chart Follows these golden rules:

  1. Restrict the use of oil, butter, ghee, dalda, margarine, cream, cheese etc.
  2. Recommended cooking methods are baking, boiling, steaming and roasting. Avoid frying. Use of microwave oven and non stick utensils helps in restricting the amount of cooking oil used.
  3. Avoid sugar, jaggery and honey.
  4. Do not skip meals. Avoid long gaps between meals.
  5. Avoid non vegetarian food like chicken, mutton, pork, beef etc. Fish can be eaten but preferably not fried. However, avoid shellfish and prawns. Eggs must be eaten without the yolk.
  6. It is necessary to include the milk, curds and butter milk in the diet. Milk should be skimmed. Paneer made of be skimmed milk can be eaten.
  7. Avoid refined and processed food and those containing preservatives; biscuits cakes bakery products must be restricted.
  8. Avoid alcohol, smoking and tobacco in any form.
  9. One fresh fruit per day should be taken. Whole fruit is preferred to fruit juice. Avoid mangoes, chikoo, sitaphal.
  10. Patients with high BP or swelling on feet or congestive heart failure should avoid excess salt, especially pickles, chutney, papad etc.
  11. Do not exercise on an empty stomach.
  12. Diabetic medication should be taken at the prescribed time with respect to meals.

This Diet is for a healthy life and can be followed by the entire family.